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Auto and Homeowners Insurance Information

Southern Maryland Insurance, Inc – Homeowners and Auto Insurance Agency in Maryland

Best Auto and Homeowners Insurance in Md are Available Here. Get Your Quote Now!

Do you need the best insurance coverage for your car or home in Maryland? At Southern Maryland Insurance, Inc, we want you to keep up with your lifestyle and get the peace of mind that you deserve. We are an independent homeowners and automobile insurance agency offering fast, accurate and reasonable quotes fitting your individual protection needs.

What is auto or car insurance in Md?

Auto insurance is the best way to save you from financial loss associated with your vehicle accident. 

Auto or recreational vehicle insurance offers property damage, liability (physical injury) and medical treatment coverage:

  • Property insurance coverage compensates car theft or damage.

  • Liability insurance coverage compensates the third party who has undergone physical injury or property damage in the vehicle accident.

  • Medical insurance coverage compensates the cost of injury treatment, rehabilitation service and at times lost income and funeral rites.

A car insurance policy normally comprises of six different types of protection coverage. Many states including Maryland require you to purchase some or all, of these insurance coverages. If you need financing solutions for your car, then the lender might also have some coverage requirements.

What is Homeowners Insurance in Maryland?

Homeowners insurance gives you financial damage protection against potential disasters. Any standard policy will insure your home as well as personal items may be inside your home.

Homeowners insurance is a protective package for every homeowner and renter. It not just covers damage to your home but also your legal liability for any property damage or physical injuries  to others.

Why do you really need Homeowners and Renters Insurance in Maryland?

It's about enjoying greater financial protection if anything unexpected happens damaging your home and its belongings. Homeowners and Renters Insurance offers solutions to protect you and your investments.

  • If your home gets destroyed by fire or any other natural disaster, you will require money to repair or rebuild it.

  • If a visitor to your home gets injured and you need to pay for liability protection and medical treatment of the person.

  • If there is vandalism or theft in your home, you will need money to make up the financial loss or carry out home repairs.

  • If your home still has a mortgage, the lender will require you to have insurance.

Remember homeowners insurance is designed to insure unexpected damages to your home, but does not cover regular maintenance. Ask your agent about insurance coverage options and make sure to go through your policy coverages and limits so that you can be aware of what is and is not included.

Key Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent 

There are a few important things to ask every home insurer that will add to the possibility of the right selection.

  • How much expense will be required to restructure your home and replace your belongings if they get destroyed or damaged completely? 

  • Is the home insurer recognized for exceptional customer service? Does it pay claims promptly and reasonably?

  • What special discounts does it offer? 

  • How simple and easy is the process for filing a home damage claim? 

You need to feel financially protected, and our agency can help you in meeting that goal. Complete your free Homeowners Insurance or auto insurance Quote Form now or call us at (301) 390-0099 for a free insurance quote and consultation with one of our expert insurance agents.

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